The Monetise Social Media Program consists of 6 two-hour online workshops that will allow you to actually implement strategies with my support and the time dedicated to specific tasks. The program is to run over 3 months, so that there is time to learn, implement and see results between each workshop!
Read What Our Clients Say!
Paul and Mary Crowley - Client Testimonial for The Customer Service Movement

Paul and Mary Crowley

“Josh has been a fantastic asset to our business. He is educating and training our staff in customer service skills with an inspiring and enthusiastic approach. His computer and social media skills are second to none as well as his ability impart them. We are so glad we found Josh and The Customer Service Movement.”

Paul & Mary Crowley
Henrys Cafe, Bunbury

WACHS - Client Testimonial for The Customer Service Movement

Piari Skeers

“Josh’s presentation reinforced the importance of customer service and sourcing  their feedback, via many ways, to assist us in improving our services.  He was the only external-to-health speaker and was well received by attendee’s, many including his presentation in their evaluation  of ‘What I enjoyed the most was….’. We would certainly involve Josh again if the opportunity presents.”

Piari Skeers
CPI Coordinator
Country Health Service – South West

Jennifer Ramsey - Client Testimonial for The Customer Service Movement

Jennifer Ramsey

“Josh thank you, thank you! Your ability to coach me to help me focus on the task at hand is incredible. You have a great style – friendly and very approachable yet very goal-oriented. I learnt a lot from your decisive ‘let’s take action’ approach. The training you gave me was tailored exactly to my needs. This and the role modelling you displayed have made all the difference to helping me achieving my goals.”

Jen Ramsey
Demand for Brand

Brian Morris - Client Testimonial for The Customer Service Movement

Brian Morris

“Josh’s advice is always on target. After any chat we have I walk away with valuable information to implement in my business and the results are showing.
Whether its customer service techniques or marketing advice I gladly recommend Josh as the person to speak to.”

Brian W Morris
OCD / Ocean City Detailing
(President) Bunbury/
Koombana Apex Club

SharonBriggs_Total Loans

Sharon Briggs – Total Loans

“We participated in the 12 week Monetise your FB Page course and I truly do recommend anyone who is in Business to do this course. Even if you think you already know everything you need to know about FB, you will quickly realize just how much you don’t know. Josh delivers everything he promises and much more. He genuinely wants to help you to succeed in business and his passion and knowledge will inspire and motivate you. Spending time with Josh has been a great investment in our business. Thanks Josh.”

Sharon Briggs
Total Loans


Amanda Harrington

“I recently attended the Monetise Social Media workshop and found it very insightful. Josh packed a heap of practical strategies in that I was able to implement on my Facebook page straight way and other longer term ideas that I can action when the time comes. Josh personally followed up after the workshop too which is wonderful customer service. Highly recommended.”

Amanda Harrington

Scott Emmerton- SE Mobile Mechanical Services

“Had just a morning session with josh last week in Bunbury learnt hesps about page setting etc very useful ie service tabs etc just need 5 mins to play he was funny but told us what we wanted to and needed to know very helpful dude plus after care was (is ) very good too highly recommend 5 stars Josh”

Scott Emmerton
Boss at SE Mobile Mechanical Services


Felicity Neale – Caring for Carers

“I attended the 3 hr Facebook in business workshop today….. oh goodness, so much information. Thank you Josh for the breakdown and point to point explanations. You made a very confusing medium relatable and gave me confidence to make it manageable. I most highly recommend Josh and his workshops to anyone who has a business that they wish to excel in.”

Felicity Neale
Owner & Manager at Caring for Carers


Justin O’ Hehir

“Josh has an extensive understanding of Facebook from a strategic point of view. Everything I know about Facebook I have learned from Josh. The videos and assistance Josh has are clear, to the point and easy to follow. Not only that, Josh is an all round good guy! Thank you sincerely for all of your help mate, our business will thank you for it!”

Justin O’ Hehir


Monica Johnson- Busselton Early Education – BEE

“We attended the 3 hour workshop today hosted by Josh.
I learnt a lot about all the features and tools that are available on Facebook to promote and grow our service.
I walked away feeling very inspired and couldn’t wait to get started.
Thank you Josh.”

Monica Johnson
Defensive Coordinator at Busselton Early Education – BEE


Peter Lomax

“Josh’s easy to follow program is amazing. He takes all the unknowns out and show you how simple Social Media is with the way he has designed his course. Thank you Josh for taking away the fog so I can now see how clear it is to promote my business online.  “

Peter Lomax

Bernadette Durrell – Amalfi Leadership Coaching

“Thanks Josh for such an informative and valuable workshop. If you want to extend your knowledge about how to use Facebook to enhance your business, then this is the workshop to attend. I now know how to use the audiences to target my perfect client.”

Bernadette Durrell
Founder (company) at Amalfi Leadership Coaching

Brendan Robertson-Owner-operator-at-Platinum-Travel-Solutions

Brendan Robertson – Platinum Travel Solutions

“I attended Monetise Facebook Workshop with Josh yesterday. Such an informative morning realising all the untapped power of Facebook for your business. The Facebook Page Audit really was a Bonus. Now to get in and implement all the fantastic tips and strategies. Josh really is passionate about Facebook and helping you grow your business. If you haven’t attended one of his workshops then you’re missing out. Highly Recommend.”

Brendan Robertson
Owner-operator at Platinum Travel Solutions


Daniel Macnish – SumoSalad

“I attended the 3 hour workshop yesterday hosted by Josh at the Bunbury Lord Forrest and was absolutely amazed with how many features and tools are available on Facebook for my business that I was not aware of. After the course I will definitely be making changes to how I go about advertising and communicate with my customers.
I hope other businesses get the chance to participate in one of Joshes courses. Happy to say it’s worth every dollar spent.
Thanks Josh.”

Daniel Macnish


Nat Vines

“I Attended the Monetise Facebook Workshop with Josh yesterday & it was fabulous. Josh is knowledgeable and passionate about the possibilities in Facebook and helping you achieve the most you can for your business. Can’t wait for the 12 week course to begin.”

Nat Vines

Megan Williams Jones-Dindindi-Drums-Bunbury

Megan Williams Jones- Dindindi Drums Bunbury

“Holy Moly – brain overload. Just finished one of the best value for money seminars with Josh. All about how to make facebook work for your business. At less that $30 for 3.5 hours of magic, you will not regret it.”

Megan Williams Jones
Owner / Facilitator / Team Builder at Dindindi Drums Bunbury


Stacey Murray -The Resume Creative

“I attended the Monetise Facebook Workshop and I highly recommend it for any small business needing to leverage what Facebook has to offer business. Great value for money, learned lots and was able to make improvements to my Facebook page. Thanks Josh!”

Stacey Murray
Career Marketing Specialist at The Resume Creative – Stacey Murray

Megs Kopke

Megs Kopke

“Thanks so much Josh for the super informative workshop – I learnt valuable strategies that I have already started to implement and am looking forwarding to learning even more at your upcoming Monetise Social Media Program. Can’t wait for that one.
I thought I had Facebook figured out but it turns out I know nothing!!
A shout out to all local businesses – do yourself and your customers a favour and attend one of Josh’s workshops.”

Megs Kopke 

Sulet Crous Furr the Love of Pets

Sulet Crous – Furr the Love of Pets

“We participated in the one day Monetise your FB Page event in Collie yesterday and absolutely loved it!!! There was a lot to take in but Josh was able to break it down to even the most simplest of terms and even threw in some tips and hints that we would’ve never found out by ourselves. Thank you so much to Josh and his team!!! We can’t wait to put it all in to practise
Thanks Again!!”

Sulet Crous
Furr the Love of Pets

Tyra Pedersen

Tyra Pedersen

“We joined the Monetise Social Media Intensive full day workshop in Vic Park in Perth last week and it was fantastic. We got so much out of it. Now instead of creating ads with half a clue we have a strategy in place and we know what to do and why. Heaps of great information and the fact that the workshop was with a small group of business owners, we got feedback from Josh particular to our business and even created ads during the session with his assistance and direction. I believe there is a shorter/cheaper $27 workshop available but this workshop just made sense to us, so that we could dive in and get things happening during the workshop with Josh’s help. We are off and running now and look forward to a long business relationship with Josh. Highly recommend the intensive workshop. Just do it!”

Tyra Pedersen


Amanda Harrington

“I recently attended the Monetise Social Media workshop and found it very insightful. Josh packed a heap of practical strategies in that I was able to implement on my Facebook page straight way and other longer term ideas that I can action when the time comes. Josh personally followed up after the workshop too which is wonderful customer service. Highly recommended.”

Amanda Harrington

Kristy Hitchens

“I’m calling it “The Josh Effect”. After every two-hour session in the Monetise Social Media course or one-on-one conference call my brain was a storm of information, ideas and enthusiasm. The sheer volume of value-packed information and resources that Josh downloads on you at every interaction takes time to digest and put to use but once I did, the results for the Shire of Dardanup’s presence on Facebook have been nothing short of spectacular.”

Kristy Hitchens – Communications Officer – Media