The Monetise Social Media Program consists of 6 two-hour online workshops that will allow you to actually implement strategies with my support and the time dedicated to specific tasks. The program is to run over 3 months, so that there is time to learn, implement and see results between each workshop!
Work With Your Team

Is your team struggling to deliver the Customer Service that you expect?

Is your management team always finding excuses for the complaints that are plaguing your social media?

Would you like your team to communicate, engage and see more results from the time they spend on Facebook?

If the answer is Yes, then an intensive workshop may be the answer for you.

Work with Your Team: The Customer Service Movement

We can cater for any number from 4-100 people in an environment that won’t just be a do this session, it will be hands on so your team will come out with action plans ready to implement into your business.

We encourage attendees to bring their computers, their notepads, their rosters, whatever they need help with to fix the customer service problems affecting your business.

To discuss your specific situation, contact us now by email and we will be in back in touch within 24 hours to arrange an appointment to further discuss the solutions to your business.