The Monetise Social Media Program consists of 6 two-hour online workshops that will allow you to actually implement strategies with my support and the time dedicated to specific tasks. The program is to run over 3 months, so that there is time to learn, implement and see results between each workshop!

How Can We Assist Your Business?

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Business can be tough!

Actually business can be painful!

One of the big reasons that business owners and business managers go greyer quicker than any other part of the population* is that they are trying to be the expert in everything!
*This statement is not based on anything scientific or proven

Many business people I speak with are continually frustrated by the fast paced nature of the world and trying to keep up with their customers and clients demands!

From changing communication channels to new technology to a fluid mentality from the work force, nothing stands still in business and if a business does, it will surely suffer the consequences.

Enter…The Customer Service Movement.

If you have gotten this far, then some of what I have said resonates with you.

Would you like to create systems in your business that ensure that you can get on with the aspects of business that you do well, and take the guess work out of your business?

Would you like to communicate more effectively with your customers and potential customers, so that they can do some of the selling for you?

Would you like to leverage online platforms such as Facebook to generate more customers and sales in your business?

There are a number of options for you:

Attend one of the Monetise Social Media Training Courses

These are held locally, live, in person or online. Find out more about each training by clicking here.

Engage The Customer Service Movement to work with your team

Whether it is working with your team in a workshop style or a keynote presentation, I will cover a wide range of topics from customer service funnels, to Facebook communication to building integrity in your business. Click here for more information.

Work with Josh one on one

Sometimes a group environment doesn’t suit all businesses. When you need clear direction in the marketing and positioning of your business, Josh is available to a select number of businesses for one on one consulting or training. Find out more…

Keynote Speaker

After founding The Customer Service Movement, I have been asked to speak at a number of conferences and events on the importance of customer service and the nature of how we must now communicate online and offline. Find out more about how I can entertain and educate at your next event here.