Monetise Social Media Training

Is Facebook not "working" in your business?

Are you frustrated by the constant changes in Facebook that effect how you can reach your customers?

Would you like to generate more customers and sales thanks to Facebook???

The good news is that we can help!

Facebook is forever changing BUT it is for the better and smart businesses are leveraging the power of Facebook to see great results and increases in sales, engagement and most importantly the bottom line!

The Monetise Social Media Training courses have been established to assist local businesses increase their knowledge of this awesome tool and then be able tom implement either during the course or back in their workplace.

There are a number of different options...



The Monetise Social Media Workshop

When you need a kick start to your business, this locally held workshop covers the 5 Key Strategies to turn your Facebook Page into a Money Making Machine in under 3 hours, without any prior marketing experience.

During the 3 hours that you will spend at this fast paced workshop you will learn:

The basics of setting up your Facebook Page so you can be found by search engines, even when you don't have a website!
How to communicate on Facebook to better engage with your audience and network within your local community, to increase your visibility!
Why you shouldn't be scare of online reviews, you will in fact be welcoming them...yes the negative ones as well!
The power of audiences in your business, and why you will spend more time in Ads Manager than your news feed!
How to use Facebook as a primary customer based communication tool to communicate directly with your customers and make sales!
Plus a whole bunch more....

These workshops are held regularly, to find out when and where the next workshop is, sign up to the list (you will also receive regular ongoing tips about Facebook and Business when you join)

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    1. Hi Martine,
      Apologies for the late response, our next in person workshops will be in the new year, however we have some live online training next week, you can let us know your interest by sending us a message at
      Have a great day.
      The CSM Team

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