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Learn How to Use Facebook to Grow your Business, Your Reach and Your Presence Online!
In Person Interactive 3 Hour Facebook Workshop…
5 Key Strategies Any Business Can Implement!
You will know how to generate more customers, more sales and more profits from Facebook - NOT just how to set up a Facebook page.
Secure your seat now for only $47, yes you read that right, while this workshop is valued at $97, you will only pay $47!!!
Why? Because all businesses need to learn these strategies so they are using Facebook more effectively, and spending more time engaging with their customers!
In this hands on interactive workshop, you will discover and learn:
  • Five Key strategies to turn your Facebook Page into a valuable asset for your business that can generate customers and leads for your business!
  • The key features that must be on your Business Page, so you can be found online
  • How to set up a Facebook Shop, so you can sell your products or services through Facebook without expensive website development.
  • The procedures of uploading videos, so that you gain the most reach from your hard work.
  • How to increase your organic reach dramatically, with one simple yet little used FREE strategy!
  • How you can Generate more leads and interest in your business, by searching Facebook Groups.
  • The automated process of posting and connecting with your followers that will save you time, and be more engaging with your potential customers.
  • How to create audiences based on Facebook usage behaviours, that can be used to laser target your marketing.
  • How to use Facebook Ads Manager so you can place your Ads where it is most effective!
  • Tools and software to make your life easier and your business to stand out from the crowd!
Plus, much, much more…
Book Your Seat for Only $47
You and your team should attend if:
  • You own a business and you want to ensure you are found when your customers are searching online
  • You are a Social Media Manager of a business and want to improve your skills, so you can be an asset to your business
  • You have a Facebook Page and are sometimes frustrated by the low reach of your posts or you are concerned by the number of likes on your page.
  • You don't have a website and you need your Facebook page to be your main source of Marketing and communication with your customers
  • You have used Facebook Ads before and want to see a real return on investment
  • You would like to grow your business in 2018!
Facebook and Social Media has so many moving parts, that there is a good chance that there are features and functions, that you are either not sure how to use or didn't know they existed!
When you attend the Monetise Social Media Workshop, you will receive:
  • 3.5 hours of real life examples from a business owner who is implementing these strategies into his and others businesses regularly.
  • Strategies that you can use in your business immediately.
  • Refreshments to keep you alert and nourished.
  • An opportunity to connect with other local businesses who have similar business values.
  • A chance to work on your business rather than in it!
YES, I want a PROFITABLE Facebook Page!
3 Hour Workshop only $47 (Valued at $97)
The Five Key Strategies that will be covered are:
Strategy 1: Optimise Your Facebook Page so You are Found Online

After attending the workshop, you will know the key features that MUST
be utilised on your Facebook Business Page, including:

  • How to set up a Facebook Shop, so you can feature your products on Facebook!
  • How to find little used tabs to grow your business! 
  • Optimising all the images on your Facebook Page including your Profile and Cover Images/Videos!
  • How to correctly Utilise Videos on your Facebook Page!
  • And much more…

This will allow you to increase your search ability online and provide
ease of access for all potential and current customers.

When you have a Facebook Business Page that is complete, you are more easily found online by both your customers and potential customers as well as the Search Engines.

Strategy 2 – Widen your Facebook reach locally without spending a dollar on advertising

A common frustration of businesses is not being able to reach their
Facebook fans organically – that means without paying for views of your Facebook page or posts.

This key strategy, when used effectively, will enable your organic reach to increase dramatically, so to, your Facebook audience.

You will generate more leads, by increasing the number of potential customers you can reach with your marketing message.

Strategy 3 –Communicating on Facebook for maximum impact at a fraction of the time

After the workshop, you will understand the importance of both the
frequency of your content (posts) and the relevance to YOUR AUDIENCE…not you!

The most common comments I get from business owners is that “I don’t have time to post all the time on Facebook”. In this strategy you will learn an automated and systemised process on posting to Facebook.

This will save you a lot of time…and money!

Facebook and all Social Media relies on entertaining and communicating with your followers and audience. You will come away from the workshop with an understanding of how:

Facebook Lives are changing businesses organic reach

A tool that is being used by smart businesses to automate the sales process, and build their database!

Strategy 4 – Social Selling through Smart Remarketing and Audience Creation

So many businesses are only using the Boost button on Facebook and
creating ads or posts which are basically … “BUY MY STUFF”.

This may have worked in the past in traditional media, but it does not work on a Social platform such as Facebook.

During the workshop you will discover and learn a three-step process which means that you can increase the conversion rate of your ads, while also building an audience of people who are not only interested in your product or service, but also READY to BUY!

Imagine being able to sit down to create a Facebook Ad and knowing that people who are going to see the ad already know you, trust you and are happy to see what you are offering!

Strategy 5 – Facebook Marketing Campaigns that are designed and run systematically.

When you understand the power of Social Selling, you can create Facebook
Campaigns that are relevant, systemised and cost you less money.

After the workshop you will be able to create Facebook Ad campaigns using Ads Manager, that are super targeted and appearing where you want…not where Facebook dictates.

This means that you will be spending less money on a shotgun approach of marketing and more time in communicating with real leads and potential buyers.

Along with the above strategies you will also learn many exciting tips
that will excite you and your team and better engage with Facebook.

You will come away from the workshop with strategies to implement straight away in your business, to increase your sales and customers!

Here’s What People Are Saying:
"People's minds blowing all over the room!"
"You are so generous in the sharing of what you know to better the running of others business pages"
"Josh has a wealth of fantastic information to turn your Facebook account into a useful tool"
"I saw my views go from 250 per week to 2300 views by implementing the strategies learned on the day"
"I learnt from your decisive
'let’s take action' approach"
Join us this March by securing your seat NOW for only $47
I can’t wait to meet you and share with you the 5 key Facebook strategies to Grow your Business, Your Reach and Your Presence Online!

Workshop Details:
Time: 9am-12.30pm
Registration: 8.45am
Venues: To Be Advised
Cost: $47
Morning Tea Provided.

Host: Josh Oakey founder The Customer Service Movement  

Your Presenter...

Josh Oakey, The Customer Service Movement & We Do Social Media Marketing

Josh Oakey is the founder of The Customer Service Movement, a Bunbury based business, that is developing businesses to sell, market and communicate with integrity and with the customer at the forefront of the decision process!

Josh’s drive is to ensure that business and organisation’s messages are communicated effectively to their target markets, and one of the most effective tools to use is Facebook and Social Media.

Over the past two years Josh has helped over 350 businesses in the South West of WA, and many more nationally and internationally grow their business using Social Selling on Facebook and other online platforms.
One of the successes of Josh’s strategies is the ability to turn the message around so it appeals to the customer and leads with information based marketing or Social Selling.

Along with workshops, for small to medium groups, one on one training and done for you services, Josh continues to focus on the strategies that work on Social Media and not just the next “shiny object”.

Businesses who have worked with Josh have seen more engagement, higher ROI and a more effective and measurable way of marketing their business.

For an insight into The Customer Service Movement, visit or
YES, I want a PROFITABLE Facebook Page!
3 Hour Workshop only $47 (Valued at $97)

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