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Commencing in Busselton Tuesday 6th June 2017
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Your Investment today is only $1997 or 4 monthly payments of $547.
What is The Monetise Social Media Program?
The Monetise Social Media Program has been designed to take you through 6 workshops similar to the one you attended where you learnt the 5 Key Strategies to turn your FB page into a Money Making Machine...but a bit different.

During the 3 hour Monetise Social Media Workshop, I tried to share as much as I could with you so that you could have a better understanding of how to turn your Facebook page into a customer, sales and profit generator.

The workshops in the Monetise Social Media Program will allow you to actually implement these strategies with my support and the time dedicated to specific tasks.

The program is to run over 3 months, so that there is time to learn , implement and see results between each workshop!

The Monetise Social Media Program consists of:

6 x 2 Hour Workshops
Workshop 1: Fully Optimise Your Facebook Page
What a perfect place to start, you will learn how to tweak your Facebook page for greater success and SEO ranking. You will be on your way to positioning yourself as a local business of substance. 

This means that you will have built a firm foundation to leverage your Facebook business page for increase in traffic and sales.

Workshop 2: Increase Your Local Profile
Now that your Facebook page is in order, you will establish your authority in your industry through social networking with groups and businesses, including those in the room.

You will come away from the workshop as a new member of groups, and if it is right for your business, you will have created your very own group for you to build a community of engaged customers and prospective customers.

Workshop 3: Communicating on Facebook for Maximum Impact
In this workshop we will work together to find your Facebook voice and put a system in place so that you can communicate effectively with your fans and prospective customers consistently.

You will also come away with the tools to create a social media policy/framework for your team and business .

Workshop 4: Creating Facebook Ads for Serious Return on Investment
This is where it gets exciting! With the systems in place, you have created an understanding of your customers and now how to communicate with them through paid advertising.

You will set up ads in the workshop with my support and guidance. Using the latest strategies available, to increase your chances of success and being in front of your competition.

Workshop 5: Continued Ad Creation & Reviewing the Success of Your Facebook Ads
The following workshop, we will continue with exploring Ads Manager.

We will then be analyzing what worked over the past fortnight of ad traffic and setting up an ongoing Facebook marketing campaign based on these results.

You will come away from this workshop with a marketing plan for future Facebook promotions, both paid and unpaid.

Workshop 6: Convert Potential Customers into Paying Clients
The traffic is good, the reach is awesome, now how to convert those Facebook fans into buying customers and raving fans. This is where my customer service skills come in and it is about strengthening your offer and Facebook presence, so all of the training continues to benefit your business.

You will also come away with extra strategies to firm up the back end of your transactions that you have generated from Facebook, so that you see repeat customers and awesome word of mouth.

Value of the Workshops = $2982 ($497 ea)
Full Support During the Program

Along with the Workshops there is a full support package included in The Monetise Social Media Program. This takes the form of:

3 x 1 hour Support Calls
These are for you to use when ever you need some extra guidance, to talk Facebook strategy. I want to see you succeed and use Facebook to it’s full potential, these calls aren’t restricted to the attendee of the workshop anyone from your business can use these calls. 

3 Months Unlimited Email Support
It is inevitable that through out the program there will be a time when you can’t remember where that setting is or you need help creating content. That is why I am offering all members of the program unlimited email support for any questions. This is like having your very own help desk, but the difference is I know your business.

Access to a Private Facebook Group
We have spoken all about groups today, so that is why all members of the program will be invited to a closed Facebook group, where members can support each other and grow a community. I will also be very active in this group – this will be where the brand new features will be discussed, as they happen - you won't have to wait until the next workshop!

Workshop Notes to every Workshop
At the end of each workshop, you will receive the workshop notes to use for your ongoing knowledge base. This means you don't have to take copious notes during the workshop, you can focus ion implementing and actioning the strategies.

Value of Full Support for 3 months = $4047
Here's What Others are Saying...

"One of the Best Things I Have Done for My Business"

Signing up for The Monetise Social Media Program with The Customer Service Movement has been one of the best things I have done for my business.
My small business was doing OK but I felt that I could be doing more to increase my visibility and to attract new customers, whilst also serving current customers to a high standard. Facebook frustrated me, as although I could see the potential I did not know how to make it work effectively for my business.
This course has taught me so much about how to negotiate Facebook, how to maximise impact and attract the best clients for my business.

Josh has helped me to not only utilize Facebook in the most effective way, but to think about how I run my whole business front to back. His calm, clear delivery of information, his ability to come up with truly useable tools and ideas for each business he worked with and his enthusiasm has been impressive.

He has a genuine desire to see each of us thrive and went above and beyond to ensure that we all achieved, and continue to achieve, significant gains in our businesses. In just the first month my business increased by 1/3, I am excited by the potential for the future!

Heather Ferry - Natural and Active, Bunbury WA

"15 New Clients...Our Busiest Week Ever"

I attended The Customer Service Movement’s first workshop (without my business partner), and to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the strategies that Josh spoke about. I knew I had to do them, I just didn’t know where to start. 
After careful consideration, we knew that we had to do something with Facebook and having a concentrated 3 month training program seemed like the answer, so we joined the Monetise Social Media Program.
After only 2 weeks, Josh had challenged us to step out of our comfort zone and start using Facebook Live – from one video that he showed us how to optimise and create, we had created an invisible list of 3,500, without spending a cent!
We then used that custom audience to bring in 15 new clients, which saw us have our busiest week ever.
Overall I am wrapped with Facebook Advertising and the Monetise Social Media Program, which showed us how to do it for ourselves.
Thanks once again Josh!

Michel and Dani - Serenity Massage Therapy and Reflexology, Bunbury WA
If you register NOW...

BONUS 1:  3 x 1 hour Support Calls
Should you run into any difficulties implementing the previous week, we can action them immediately so you can continue to grown your business on Facebook!

Value of Three More Support Calls = $450

BONUS 2:  An additional seat at Each Workshop - FIRST 12 BUSINESSES ONLY
Bring your Social Media Manager, Your Boss or a Trainee to learn more about Facebook.
You could bring a different team member each workshop.
(The extra person you bring MUST be from the same business, please don't see this as an opportunity to implement for two businesses. That being said you would be able to implement these strategies into another business you operate or your clients!)

Value of Bring a Team Member = $2982

BONUS 3:  1 Hour Training with Branding Expert
Once you have your customers in the door, how do you get them to say yes? Learn the 3 essential elements of an irresistible offer. HOW TO Increase your “Yes” rate 

Value of Branding Training = $497

100% Money Back Guarantee
Here’s What You Get in
The Monetise Social Media Program
6 x 2 hour Workshops (valued @ $2982 )
3 x 1 hour Support Calls (valued @ $450 )
3 Months Unlimited Email Support (valued @ $3000)
Access to a Private Facebook Group (valued @ ????)
Workshop Notes to every Workshop (valued @ $597 )

BONUS 1: 3 x 1 hour Support Calls (valued @ $450)
BONUS 2: Extra seat at Each Workshop (valued @ $2982) - FIRST 12 BUSINESSES
BONUS 3: Training with Branding Expert (valued @ $497)

TOTAL VALUE = $10 958
You won't pay that much today!

Your Investment today is only $1997 or 4 monthly payments of $547.
Are you ready to work with me to grow your business with Facebook?
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The Monetise Social Media Program is commencing in Busselton Tuesday 6th June 2017

Increase your Facebook Knowledge and generate more customers, more sales and more profits thanks to Facebook.
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