Business Owners need to “own” social media reviews!

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Business Owners need to “own” their Success and Failures!

The recent inaction of the business owner at the centre of local women’s outrage over customer service in a fashion shop has me speechless.

A local mother entered this fashion store only to be told that her 11 month old son would have to stop drinking from his bottle.

Understandably this mother was quite incensed and voiced her concern and outrage on social media and to the traditional media channels. Not only did she explain the situation but also quite clearly stated the businesses name.

With the inclusion of the name of the business the posts went viral!

She was not the only person to have had a bad experience at this business. In fact hundreds of women commented on her post in social media, with similar stories of rudeness, arrogance and plain bad customer service in general.

So what did this under siege business owner do when she was contacted for comment through social media and the traditional media…


She refused to comment. She made no comment on social media.

Maybe her stance is that of Consumer Protection, that it is her store and there by her rules.

Fair enough, that is her prerogative, but it won’t win her any new customers.

I have heard from another source that her attitude may even be that – “I’m making good money, I can choose who shops with me”

Fair enough again…but what happens when another store opens right next door selling the same goods and does it with an open door policy to all…

I would think her good money would begin to diminish to average or very bad money.

But the thing that really amazes me that in this time of public humiliation for her and her business, she stays silent.

It makes me think would she also remain silent if her store won an award – not that that is likely with the scathing reviews on social media they have received in the past.

It is very important as a business owner to “own” every decision that you make in your business.

Celebrate the good ones and share them with everyone you can!

Business Owners need to “own” their Success and Failures! Responding to reviews on social media, positive and negative, is a perfect place to start. If you choose to ignore these social media reviews the consequences can be disastrous.

Also accept that you are only human and sometimes make errors, publicly declare them and move on. A quick comment on social media would have sufficed.

And finally ask yourself this one question…

Where would you be if another store opened and stole ALL of your customers because of your poor customer service?

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