The Monetise Social Media Program consists of 6 two-hour online workshops that will allow you to actually implement strategies with my support and the time dedicated to specific tasks. The program is to run over 3 months, so that there is time to learn, implement and see results between each workshop!
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Thanks so much for visiting The Customer Service Movement website!

My name is Josh Oakey and I am typing this from my office in Dalyellup, Western Australia.

To be honest I am not sure how you arrived on this page, but I am sure glad you did!

The reason being I love to meet people and if you are reading this it means that we are one step closer to connecting either in person or online.

But, I am getting a bit ahead of myself…

You really don’t know much about me or even why we should connect!

So…seeing this is the “about us” page of the website, I will give you a brief rundown of who I am and why The Customer Service Movement came to be, and ultimately what we do at The Customer Service Movement (The CSM for short).

The CSM was born from my years of work in retail outlets, as a sales representative and owning and operating a high end service business…which my wife and I still operate to this day!

The concept of The CSM was to assist businesses develop their customer service by providing a high-end customer experience for all of their customers, clients and really anyone who interacted with their business either online or in person.

I have always been a believer in giving your prospective customer information first to allow them to make a decision, and not forcing a sale down their throat!

As I began working with businesses, the common thread that I found was that these businesses were using Facebook and other social media platforms, but giving up because it “wasn’t working”!

I decided to dig a bit deeper, and found that the reason these businesses weren’t able to generate more customers and sales from Facebook was because of four common mistakes:

  • The business owner believed that when they posted an offer, then everyone who liked their page would see it…unfortunately this is far from the case!
  • The business owner didn’t want to invest any money in to paying for advertising on Facebook, because “it was meant to be FREE”…but was happy to pay thousands of dollars on Newspaper, TV and Offline advertising!
  • The business owner simply did not understand the strategies to use to reach their ideal customer through effective targeting…most business owners didn’t even know what Ads Manager was!
  • Now this is the biggie…the business owner was unable to make the difference between being social on Facebook and cold hard selling…on review the timelines of these businesses looked more like the classified section of a newspaper than an entertaining Facebook page!

Instead of becoming disheartened, I decided to change tac and begin providing workshops to share with disillusioned business owners “The 5 Key Strategies to Turn your Facebook Business Page into a Money Making Machine in under 3 hours”, and not surprisingly these workshops began to sell out!

From these workshops, more and more business owners have asked me to tell them more, about how to Monetise Social Media.

And that is exactly what I am doing today.

If you would like to find out more about the training services that are on offer, head on over to our Services page, leave your name and email and you will be on the list for when these become available.

As well as the Monetise Social Media Training services, I have a great deal of fun working with a select number of businesses in a one on one capacity.

These are opportunities to delve deep into their businesses and implement the customer first approach in all decision making.

To put it simply The Customer Service Movement is all about developing businesses to sell, market and communicate with integrity and with the customer at the forefront of the decision process!

If this resonates with you and you are either needing some assistance for your business or just want to stay connected, then below are the ways we can do this.

Have an awesome day, and hope to hear from you soon!



Founder The Customer Service Movement

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Our Mission:

To improve the customer service in all business world wide, to ensure that each and every customer has an enjoyable experience and is treated with respect. Through sharing our knowledge and skills this can be achieved.

The Customer Service Movement is an Australian-based business registered by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ABN 98 605 861 446).

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About Josh Oakey

Josh Oakey is the founder of The Customer Service Movement. Customer Service has been a part of every role Josh has had.

Josh has managed liquor stores for large chains such as Liquorland and also independent retailers. He has managed high pressure customer situations when running large events one of these being the Bunbury Cup. Most recently Josh has owned and operated a high end service business – which revolves around word of mouth and excellence in all areas of the business. It is fair to say that Customer service systems has become a huge part of who Josh is.

Josh now works with business owners and managers to enhance their customer’s experience both online and offline – through workshops, one-on-one training, public speaking and online training. Organisations that are working with Josh are seeing improved staff morale, increases in profits and mostly importantly happy and satisfied customers.

He is sought for comment by the media, is interviewed on podcasts and is featured in bestselling eBooks.