Business isn’t easy. Managing changing customers’ expectations is challenging. Yet providing an Awesome Customer Experience remains a constant! Welcome to The Customer Service Movement.
Is Your Customer Your # 1 Priority?They Should be!
Developing Businesses To Sell, Market And Communicate with Integrity and with The Customer at the Forefront of the Decision Process!
Monetise Social Media With Josh Oakey

Are you frustrated with the time and money you are "wasting" on growing your business on Facebook?

Communication and targeted marketing are the key. Join a Monetise Social Media Training to generate more customers and sales in your business.

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Social Media Marketing Trainings and Tips

Josh Oakey has spoken to large audiences about the importance of Customer Service and the part Facebook and social media play in business.

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Keynote Speaker

Holding a Business Event or conference? Every business knows the importance of Customer Service and Social Media...but do they know how to implement?

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Work with Josh

Sometimes a group environment doesn’t suit all businesses.

When you need clear direction in the marketing and positioning of your business, Josh is available to a select number of businesses for one on one consulting or training.

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