Customer Focused Strategies to Successfully Grow Your Business Online

What is the Monetise Social Media Online Program?

The Monetise Social Media Online Program consists of 6 two-hour online workshops that will allow you to actually implement strategies with my support and the time dedicated to specific tasks. The program is to run over 3 months, so that there is time to learn, implement and see results between each workshop!

Customer Focused Strategies to Successfully Grow Your Business Online

  • Social Media Training

    Josh Oakey has spoken to large audience about the importance of Customer Service and the part Facebook and social media play in business.

  • Facebook Live

    Follow him as he shares strategies and latest updates that are not announced nor shared in detailed with Social Media News. He will be there every step of the way.

  • Keynote Speaker

    Holding a Business Event or conference? Every business knows the importance of Customer Service and Social Media... but do they know how to implement?

  • Online Program

    Learn at the convenience of your home. Be a member of the Monetise Social Media Online Program and take advantage of all the resources and tutorials with no limits!

  • Work With Josh

    Are you frustrated with the time and money you are wasting on growing your business on Facebook? Are you having the right tools and strategies to implement?

  • One on One Meeting

    You are welcome to set an appointment with Josh to have a one on one meeting with him. Ask all you want as he shares all that you need to know and what your business needs to grow.


  • Peter-Lomax

    Peter Lomax

    Josh's easy to follow program is amazing. He takes all the unknowns out and show you how simple Social Media is with the way he has designed his course. Thank you Josh for taking away the fog so I can now see how clear it is to promote my business online. 

  • Jen Ramsey

    Jennifer Ramsey

    Josh thank you! Your ability to coach me to help me focus on the task at hand is incredible. You have a great style - friendly and very approachable yet very goal-oriented. I learnt a lot from your decisive ‘let’s take action’ approach. The training you gave me was tailored exactly to my needs. This and the role modelling you displayed have made all the difference to helping me achieving my goals.

  • John Clarke

    John Clarke

    Josh is a great coach, a great business role model and a great person. He has a lot of knowledge to share and never stops the learning and growing process himself.You will definitely get some gold that will greatly improve your business and marketing strategies. Highly recommend to anyone that is looking to invest in the customer service movement.

  • Justin OHehir

    Justin O'Hehir

    Josh has an extensive understanding of Facebook from a strategic point of view. Everything I know about Facebook I have learned from Josh. The videos and assistance Josh has are clear, to the point and easy to follow. Not only that, Josh is an all round good guy! Thank you sincerely for all of your help mate, our business will thank you for it!

  • Lesley Dear

    Lesley Dewar

    Having just completed my second workshop with Josh, I recommend him absolutely. Facebook has so much to offer for small business, but you don't know what you don't know.
    I have already learned more than enough to know this course is critical for anyone wanting to build their business online.
    It's not just about Facebook, but it is. Facebook is everywhere and what you do here simply ripples across the social media stratosphere, while building a platform under your own website. Just. Do. It

  • Chantelle Patu

    Chantelle Patu

    Absolutely phenomenal. Josh has helped me hugely to interact with my large social media following and to convert followers into repeat customers. I’m just finding up my 8th week of a 12 week course and I have PAGES AND PAGES of hugely helpful notes that have transformed my online business before my eyes. I hugely encourage other business owners to invest the money to help themselves explode their online presence!

  • Robyn

    Robyn Bourne

    Josh is so informative and creative in his way of showing how to get the best out of your business facebook page. We highly recommend his workshops. Create atmosphere

  • BernaDurrell_Amalfi-Leadership-Coaching

    Bernadette Durrell

    Thanks Josh for such an informative and valuable workshop. If you want to extend your knowledge about how to use Facebook to enhance your business, then this is the workshop to attend. I now know how to use the audiences to target my perfect client.

  • Charmaine Herbst

    Charmaine Herbst

    I attended a recent Facebook Seminar and boy did I learn some things. I learned manageable strategies to amp up my work flow, how to reach new customers, using Facebook Adds to strategically target spesific people with interests similar to my page. With all the loaded info, I saw an increase in my reach go from 250 views per week to more than 2300 Views by implementing the strategies learned on the day. The information given by Josh was easy to understand and practical to apply. I encourage anybody, whether you have little skills or a whole lot, to get in touch with Josh, to see how you can amp up your Social Media. Thanks to the Customer Service Movement, I feel excited to stretch my wings even further. 

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What People Say About Josh Oakey

“Josh’s easy to follow program is amazing. He takes all the unknowns out and show you how simple Social Media is with the way he has designed his course. Thank you Josh for taking away the fog so I can now see how clear it is to promote my business online. “
- Peter Lomax