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DISCOVER the 5 key Strategies to
turn your
Facebook Page into a
Money Making Machine...
in under 3 hours...without any prior
Facebook Marketing Experience!
Monetise Social Media Workshop...
"You'll be Amazed How Facebook can Transform Your Business!"
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3 Hour Workshop only $27 (Valued at $97)
A question for all offline Business Owners...
Is your Facebook Page:
  • A drain on you and your team’s time?  
  • The source of constant frustration with ever-changing algorithms that affect your reach?
  • A pain in your back side with “new” features that change the way your customers see your business?
  • And has it all become just too hard and you’re now neglecting this amazing FREE business tool, that is Facebook?
Do you want your Facebook Business Page to:
  • Bring your business more customers!
  • Generate awesome and ongoing sales!
  • Increase your profits through smart and savvy marketing?
  • Provide the best impression of your business!
  • Be a long term asset for your business - that adds to the value of your business!

Well I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault, that you can’t keep up with the changes, while also managing and operating your business AND you are not alone.

I’ve spoken and worked with many local businesses and I can tell you that they have the same frustrations and concerns!

That is why I have put together a LIVE, in person, hands-on workshop for local Business Owners where you will learn:

The 5 key Strategies to turn your Facebook Page into a Money Making Machine, in under 3 hours... without any prior Facebook Marketing Experience!
Unlike other Facebook training...

You will come away from this workshop with actionable steps.

You will know how to generate more customersmore sales and more profits thanks to Facebook.

You will NOT be shown how to simply set up a "pretty" Facebook page.

YES, I want a PROFITABLE Facebook Page!
3 Hour Workshop only $27 (Valued at $97)
In this hands on workshop, you will discover and learn how to implement…
Strategy 1: Boost your business on Google by Optimising your Facebook Page & Web Assets

After attending the workshop you will have the tools and knowledge to build a solid and trusted network of web assets to supplement and improve your traditional business model.

This will allow you to increase your search ability online and provide ease of access for all potential and current customers.

You will not be worried about your customers not being able to find you online anymore!

Strategy 2: Widen your Facebook reach locally without spending a dollar on advertising

A common frustration of businesses is not being able to reach their Facebook fans organically – that means without paying for views of your Facebook page or posts.

This key strategy, when used effectively, will enable your organic reach to increase dramatically, so to your Facebook audience.

You will generate more leads, by increasing the number of potential customers you can reach with your marketing message.

Strategy 3: Managing Facebook reviews to your advantage and increasing positive word-of-mouth 

Customers are relying more and more on the social media reviews of others when deciding what business to buy from.

This is why your business should not be scared or anxious about negative online reviews, in particular Facebook.

You will learn how you can embrace all reviews, have negative ones removed and turn disgruntled customers in to advocates of your business.

Strategy 4: Using TARGETED Facebook Advertising to generate more sales and customers 

Facebook has made it a little too easy to “Boost” a post, but this is just throwing your hard earned marketing dollars away!

The secret is to target your message.

At the workshop you will discover how you can reach and talk to potential customers who want, need and desire your product or service without spending huge amounts of money on traditional Medias shotgun approach or in fact Facebook’s “Boost” feature!

Strategy 5: Use Facebook to communicate with your prospective customers and customers more effectively than your competitors

Facebook is a serious communications platform – it is no longer just for sharing cute photos and funny status updates.

You can use Facebook to learn what makes your customers tick, so you can communicate with them better than your competitors.

Discover the rarely used strategy to monitor, manage and monetize potential customers who contact you through Facebook, regardless of the time of day!

Along with the above strategies you will also learn many more valuable tips that will excite you and your team and allow you to better engage with Facebook.

You will come away from the workshop with strategies to implement straight away in your business, to increase your sales and customers!

YES, I want a PROFITABLE Facebook Page!
3 Hour Workshop only $27 (Valued at $97)
Here’s What People Are Saying:
"People's minds blowing all over the room!"
"You are so generous in the sharing of what you know to better the running of others business pages"
"Josh has a wealth of fantastic information to turn your Facebook account into a useful tool"
"I saw my views go from 250 per week to 2300 views by implementing the strategies learned on the day"
"I learnt from your decisive
'let’s take action' approach"

Who is Josh Oakey...

Having lived, worked and played in Bunbury for over 20 years, I know that this is a great place to be and full of great people.
I love supporting local businesses. However, I am constantly seeing opportunities for local businesses to increase their level of communication and service with their customers.
I am a customer service focused business consultant. Providing training and assistance to offline businesses who are struggling to make the transition to an online market place, where their online reputation could mean the difference between success and failure.
After working with me, clients tell me they have more confidence in their team to deliver an exceptional customer experience for all customers, and to manage negative situations positively. They also have a better understanding of how to use social media, in particular, Facebook to generate more customers, more sales and more profits.
I can't wait to meet you soon and share with you some strategies on how to increase your business utilising Facebook.
100% Money Back Guarantee

Learn nothing...Money Back!

I can guarantee that you will come away from the workshop with strategies to implement in your business immediately, which will see an increase in customers and sales.
If you come to the end of the workshop and feel that I haven't provided you with any strategies or tips that you can implement in your business. Simply tap me on the shoulder, flick me an email or give me a call and I will happily refund you the cost of the workshop.
What Are You Waiting For?

Join us to generate more customers, sales and profits thanks to Facebook!

I can’t wait to meet you and share with you the 5 key Strategies to turn your Facebook Business Page into a Money Making Machine for your offline or online business.

Host: Josh Oakey founder The Customer Service Movement  

YES, I want to Learn How to Increase my Sales thanks to Facebook. Reserve my Seat!!!
3 Hour Workshop only $27 (Valued at $97)

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