Facebook Privacy Settings have Changed

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  A super quick message, to share a video with you, about how to change your personal Facebook privacy settings. Why??? There has been a recent change to the Facebook privacy settings, which means your “friends” settings may have changed to “public”. Simply the people you are not friends with may now be able to see more of your timeline than you want. Watch this 8 minute video and then check your settings. https://www.facebook.com/thecustomerservicemovement/videos/1267381556708628/ The video also shows you how to check what your “non-friends” see on your timeline if they chose to Facebook stalk you. Have a great day! Warmly, Josh Oakey The Customer Service Movement P.S. If you found the video helpful, it would be awesome if you could…

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A sure thing in Bunbury!

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  Tomorrow is the Bunbury Cup – the race that stops a town in the South West of WA! There are a couple of sure things tomorrow in Bunbury… I won’t be able to get my haircut…my barber is closed from 12pm so her whole team can attend the Bunbury Races. I’ll be able to walk into any café or restaurant and have no trouble getting a table for lunch…but try and get a table for dinner with out booking…no chance! And if I go for breakfast on Friday morning I won’t be surprised if the person who brings out my food is wearing sunglasses, and is quietly wishing they were still in bed! Does any of the above upset…

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Is your Customer Service Predictable?

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I’m not sure how your morning looks at your house, but ours is quite predictable. I usually wake up, not when the alarm goes off, but when the toilet door opens and the kids “start” their day. It would be nice to think that the house returns to its sleepiness, but that is just not the case. The kids haven’t quite grasped that concept yet. About 5 minutes later the family is in the kitchen… My seven year old says he’s starving… His ten year old sister wants to know what’s for lunch. Dee, my wonderful wife, starts to make the lunches, pack the lunch boxes and I am in charge of the hot drinks and taking out the meat…

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Facebook Advertising: Has it changed how we market?

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Your old marketing strategies may not work with Facebook Advertising. I had a strange experience yesterday with Facebook Advertising when working with one of my clients, let’s call her Joy. You see there were two things that happened… Firstly, I created great copy to speak to Joy’s prospect’s/potential customers pain and then provided a solution to this pain…the way I have learnt from one of the best copywriters in the country. Joy was very happy with the copy, it spoke to her ideal customer…the way she had learnt from a branding expert in one our workshops. We then created a compelling image for the ad, that had less than 20% text and was 1200 x 628 px… just like Facebook requests…

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